Plant Magic Workshops

Designed Succulent Plant
Top View of Succulent Plants
Top View of Succulent Plants
Seasonal Workshops

Create your own Intention Garden infused with your creativity, growth, special intentions & good vibes!

Plant Magic Workshops are tailored to the changing seasons and our emotions within during these transitions. They are crafted for those who want to slow down, connect with the earth and other like minded souls as we set intentions for future growth and self healing. You will leave the Plant Magic Workshop with your own Intention Garden, a living piece of plant art infused with the intentions and goals you've set for yourself for that season.

We've chosen to be themed with the Seasonal transitions we also process along with nature, and Holidays because it's a stand alone season in our home and an emotional time full of love and memories for everyone.

Winter - February 13 2020

Cancelled for the 2020 Year

Private Workshops

Succulents on Windowsill

Have an idea for a private event?

Bachelorette, Shower, Birthday?

Corporate event or team building?

Custom Intentions will be designed for your occasion making it tailored to your theme and vibe.