A collection of published academic studies supporting gardening is a mental health tool - actively engaging the senses, physically engaging the body, mind, body & spirit. 

Is gardening associated with greater happiness of urban residents? A multi-activity, dynamic assessment in the Twin-Cities region, USA

Graham Ambrose, Kirti Das Yingling Fan & Anu Ramaswami

Landscaping & Urban Planning, Volume 198, June 2020, 103776


• Household gardening supports high emotional well-being scores across 5 measures.

• The type of gardening (ornamental v. vegetable) is linked to emotional well-being.

• Self-identified, low income and female gardeners are associated with higher emotional well-being.

• Companionship of household gardeners was not significant for emotional well-being.

Nature Prescription for Health A Review of Evidence and Research Opportunities

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Let Nature Be Thy Medicine: A Socioecological Exploration of Green Prescribing in the UK

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Time for a (gardening) break: investigating a specific green exercise initiative for staff and health and wellbeing in a corporate environment

Mark Christie

May 2020

New trends in urban environmental health research: from geography of diseases to therapeutic landscapes and healing gardens

Diana Dushkova, Maria Ignatieva

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Regular Doses of Nature: The Efficacy of Green Exercise Interventions for Mental Wellbeing

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Horticultural Activity: Its Contribution to Stress Recovery and Wellbeing for Children

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

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Gardens & Gardening

David Crouch

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Beyond Productivity: Considering the Health, Social Value and Happiness of Home and Community Food Gardens

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How Cities Can Harness the Public Health  Benefits of   Urban Trees
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Gardening is Beneficial for Health: A Meta-Analysis

Masashi Soga, Kevin J. Gaston, Yuichi Yamaura

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The Impact of Green Exercise on Volunteers' Mental Health and Wellbeing-Findings from a Community Project in a Woodland Setting

Mark Allan Christie, MA , Fiona Cole, MSc

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My garden – my mate? Perceived restorativeness of private gardens and its predictors

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Interaction with indoor plants may reduce psychological and physiological stress by suppressing autonomic nervous system activity in young adults: a randomized crossover study

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