A collection of relevant articles supporting gardening is a mental health tool - actively engaging the senses, physically engaging the body, mind, body & spirit. 

Finding a moment of peace and stillness in the garden

Adrian Higgins

Seattle Times May 29 2020 

Princeton researchers discover that home gardening is bascially the answer to society's ills

Arianne Cohen

Fast Company May 12, 2020

Gardening boosts your mood much more than some types of exercise study finds

Christopher Ingraham

Washington Post May 15, 2020

The Garden has lessons for us in this pandemic if we stop and listen

Adrian Higgins

House & Garden UK May 14 2020

Hospitals are bringing nature into stressful COVID-19 ICUs

Lilly Smith

Fast Company April 29 2020

How to grow a vegetable garden, according to legendary chef Alice Waters

Aimee Rawlings

Fast Company April 7 2020

How Plants Bring Joy and Control to our Brains During Chaos

Mandi Em

Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph.D., CRNP 

Greatist April 2, 2020

For these prisoners, designing a sensory garden was “life changing”

Katherine Schwab

Fast Company October 2 2019

11 Ways Plants Enhance Your Mental and Emotional Health

Susan McQuillan MS, RDN

Psychology Today September 14 2019 

Doctors are now prescribing houseplants to help treat anxiety and depression

Adele Peters

Fast Company September 12 2019 

Plants are now being prescribed to help people with anxiety and depression

Laura  Abernethy 

Metro UK August 24 2019

Live in your own farm in the sky in this plant-covered apartment building

Adele Peters

Fast Company July 24 2019 

The best (and easiest) thing your city can do for itself? Plant more trees

Heather Alberro 

Fast Company May 6 2019 

What is biophilic design, and can it really make you happier and healthier?

Katherine Schwab

Fast Company April 11 2019

Cities Should Think About Trees As Public Health Infrastructure

Eillie Anzilotti

Fast Company October 10 2017

The Best New Health Care Design Borrows An Old Healing Technique: Plants

Diana Budds

Fast Company July 26 2016