My Soul Vision


Vision Board 2021 (1).png
#MySoulVision is a physical visualization I created to manifest how I want to FEEL & show up in 2021 & beyond.
My Soul Board is a visual reminder of my 2021 Mantra:
"I am more present in my body & of my thoughts"
I'm a visual-spatial learner and needed to create a visualization showing how I want to embody this year, and pictorially representing my 2 chosen words for 2021: "BE" & "ALLOW".
“If you don’t affirm what you want the world will do it for you - affirm that shit!”~ Emily King
This digital vision board makes me so DAMN happy & inspired! It's now my phone screen saver (and my desktop!)
I can't wait to finish a few other digital vision boards I created after the ecourse I took with @emilykingco!
Hello Dream Business/Office!
Hello Dream House!
Hello Style Inspiration! 
Hello Lotto Win/Bucket List! 
I highly recommend her online Vision Board course. I can't wait to manifest the SHIT out of them!
Are you inspired to create your own Soul Vision Board?
Let me know if you'd like me to make My Soul Vision & template designs available for you to customize and learn some helpful hints @ 
If you feel inspired to create one and share on social media, please tag #MySoulVision and #creativelyrooted. I'd love to see!