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Your wisdom is in your weeds.

Design, build and purposefully plant your dream garden with Creatively Rooted
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About Creatively Rooted

Your true soul''s potential is found rooted within you... and your garden.

Our journey unlawning really began with a broken lawnmower after installing new sod & flowerbeds in 2015. We’d been enjoying fixing up our property and creating our DIY backyard paradise since we purchased it in 2011. Our easy solution? Till up our luscious sod with Old Betsy and create a front yard flower and vegetable garden.

Seriously, laughable and totally us, to create another ever-evolving project in our yard. These outdoor projects have allowed us to (re) connect with ourselves, each other, our children, our property and the earth.


Our indoor and outdoor gardens serve as our green therapy (nature therapy) and are now part of our daily mental health and wellness practice. I can attest plants have made a direct impact on diagnosis of anxiety, depression and C-PTSD through my motherhood journey as a trauma warrior. 


It is through our journeys that we also understand how important it is for mothers (especially) to re(connect) with themselves through the motherhood experience. We know firsthand how grounding gardening can be while digging in the dirt. It can also become a healthy hobby to participate with your spouse, friend, etc. and engage in purposeful work while your children are playing.


Our gardening journey inspired three of our neighbours to unlawn and we helped them as our previous company J.R. Worksmith, to create the foundation of what their gardens are today.We have found kindred spirits in our plant loving neighbours.


We understand that many new or experienced gardeners may not have the ability or know how to unlawn, build a retaining wall, or make their garden dreams their current reality. As Creatively Rooted, we hope to work with you to purposefully plan-design-build-plant your garden spaces curated with plants specific to each client’s journey. 


We hope to inspire others to green-ify their indoor & outdoor spaces with plants, flowers & vegetables. We live the mental health benefits of our gardens daily and want to make gardening more accessible regardless of ability, gender, race, income with our larger community in Greater Moncton & surrounding areas, NB and beyond. 


It' 's amazing what you will unearth in yourself,

when you're digging in the dirt. 

Kelsie-Ann Caissie

Circa 2011
Circa 2011

Our home and front yard Circa 2011

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Circa 2011 Backyard
Circa 2011 Backyard

Our original backyard, circa 2011.

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Circa 2011
Circa 2011

Our home and front yard Circa 2011

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Why Garden Magic?

Plants and Gardening have helped with

Mental Health Support & Healing 

Our front, backyard and indoor gardens have been therapeutic in my mental health journey.

Gardens  can be used as a healing tool if you are open to it. More Science based research found under Resources

Nature in Your Home

Good energy & life into our homes along with cleaner air as many plants are purifying!


To myself, to the earth, my family & husband as we create and tend our gardens together and enjoy  spending quality time in them together.

Fulfillment, Purpose & Learning

Caring for plants is very rewarding and has increased my sense of fulfillment & purpose. It has also been a learning tool for my children to experience the stages of a garden from planting to harvest. 

Low Maintenance Company

Plants are always present, hold space, and be-leaf in you!

Stress Reliever

Being a work from home mom to 2 active kids is hard and exhausting! It has become my happy place.


Join like minded, plant loving souls in the Creatively Rooted Community.

Beauty & Joy

Indoor & Outdoor gardens brings natural beauty in all the wonderful greens, variations of leaves and colourful petals and with them much joy to be in their company.


Testimonials & Quotes

It's amazing what you will unearth in yourself, when you're digging in the dirt. 

— Kelsie-Ann Caissie

Your Roots

Looking forward to connecting with you.


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