Garden Magic Consultation

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Create your dream garden space, purposefully planted and curated to your taste, time and energy. 

During your Garden Magic Consultation, we will discuss your current focus and also consider long term goals & dreams for your space.

We will discuss use/reuse of existing materials and plants, next steps and future considerations.


A follow up report about our discussion will be sent within a week of the consultation with recommendations and questions to consider for the client. 

Accessible options and adaptations can be made available to make the space work for you, and your friends & family.

We'd love to help you create a beautiful intentional garden space infused with your creativity, growth and special intentions. 


Garden Magic Builds

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Creatively Rooted meets you where you're at with time and our experience to create a curated space focused on your goals. Once you've had a Garden Magic Consultation, we will return for a follow up consultation to discuss your Report and recommendations, take measurements to give an appropriate quote for the scope of work requested.


We Design. We Procure. We Build. U-Plant with Us.*

We meet you where your at using our combined experience along side yours* (optional) and create a curated space together with hardscaping and softscaping elements. Grab your gardening gloves and come dig in the dirt with a desire to learn and grow with us.


We Design. We Build. U-Procure. U-Plant.


We can help you make your dream garden plans a reality, from small to large gardens and/or yard projects which you get to enjoy after acquiring your plants and want the pleasure of planting yourself.

Limited spots available for 2021 season.