Do-It-Yourself Terrarium Kits 


Experience Plant Magic in your space by DIY-ing your own airplant terrarium. Plant Magic terrariums are easy to assemble, take care of and even re-make, this season or next!


Fill your space with the positive intentions you’ve infused while creating your living plant art. Add in the good energy of the airplant(s) and the added magic of gemstone chips and seasonal crystal(s) and 


Process & tidbits:

  • Ground and center yourself with a Guided Chakra Meditation.

  • Take a few moments to get quiet and set seasonal intentions before creating your Plant Magic Terrarium.

  • Seasons & Cyclical Living & Setting Seasonal Intentions

  • Remove all parts of the kit (and wire from the airplant, if applicable) and place on a level surface.

  • Carefully, snip the corner open of the bag of sand and pour inside the terrarium to form the base (up under the edge of the terrarium).

  • Gently shuffle back and forth to level out sand.

  • Around the outside edge, place large pebbles and gemstone chips on sand. 

  • Be sure to leave space in the middle of the terrarium for your larger crystal(s) and airplant(s) to shine.

  • Decide on the way you want your crystal to sit and gently nestle into the middle, saving room for your airplant.

  • You want to try not cover the sparkle of any of your gemstone chips that you’ve placed around the edge.

  • Remember, there isn’t ONE way to create your terrarium, so if you’d like to put your plant in the corner and not in the center… go for it!

  • Be sure to have fun & enjoy the process of creating your living plant art. 

Care & tidbits+:

  • Airplants, like all plants, do need light and water to survive living without being rooted in dirt. 

  • Remove plant(s) once every 1-2 weeks, and soak in the morning for 15-30 min. 

  • Leave to dry upside down on a plate for the remainder of day.

  • Be sure airplant is completely dry before placing back into terrarium. 


Care & tidbits++

  • Place anywhere in your space as airplants are versatile and do

  • Feel free to change up crystals to support the changing energy of each transition of season.

  • To disrupt your sand the least, use a fork to gentle sift any stones out that may have been buried in the sand with too much movement or pressure.