Why Nutraceuticals?

It's helped me with

Balances my hormones throughout the month, regulated my unregular periods, removed unwanted cramping & restored my libido. 

Women's Health
Post Partum Anxiety & Anger

I have been dealing with undiagnosed PP Anxiety & Anger. It took a hard morning before school with my children to realize I needed help. I chose to try nutraceuticals to fuel me at a cellular level and I finally feel like I'm back to the old REAL me. 


A regular nutraceutial regime has me at 1-2 a month (usually weather or moon related). Previously, I would experience hormonal migraines 2-3 x week. 

Mental Health

A teenage trauma left me with a lot of thoughts, emotions and feelings to sort through and deal with along with depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Therapy, supplementation, education on my conditions, Healing Touch energy work and eating and growing whole foods & other plants has been extremely helpful in the ongoing healing process. 


As someone who used to suffer with IBS symptoms, I'm thankful to have found products that help me be regular and promotes a health gut - the brain gut connection is real!

Stress & Fatigue

Being on regular supplementation regime has reduced my anxiety symptoms & stress along with recognizing my unbalanced hormones were the cause of many of my physical symptoms like lethargy has helped to increase my energy.

*I am a mother sharing my experience with supplementation and not a health professional. Please consult your Doctor and/or Pharmacist if you are to ensure your health team is on board and/or if you are on any other medications. If you would like to speak with the VP of Sales or a Registered Holistic Nutritionist & my business partners please request more information below. 

Your true soul's potential is found rooted within you

Creatively Rooted is grounded in the belief that healing lies within ourselves. When we are mindful of our thoughts, while working with plants, gardening or creating, we can often hear our intuition speaking if we have an open mindset. When we make the time to pause, breathe, connect and reflect we can hear answers we likely would miss with the regular busy-ness of life. 

The more we create, we connect deeper and are able to process and physically release the stuck energy, self sabotaging behaviours, negative self talk, whatever needs to be released back into the Earth. 

When we are creating, it is a great opportunity to practice ground work (self healing) while you work through past experiences with a mix of courage, mindfulness, gratitude, self compassion, grace, forgiveness, and setting boundaries (with yourself and others). Knowing more about ourselves and our bodies and their natural cycles can help us to unlock our "superpowers" and make us healthy, happier and more productive.  

Our intention at Creatively Rooted is to build a community where we hold space for one another, connect with our intuitive guidance and learn about the healing power of working with easy to care for plants, Wholehearted Living and using the powerfully grounding Earth element and Mother Nature herself to play a role in your self healing. 

You will leave Creatively Rooted's Plant Magic Workshop with your own Intention Garden (which changes each season), a living piece of plant art infused with the intentions you've set for yourself for that season and perhaps the year!