Airplant Care

Air Plant (Tillandsia)

Airplants are easy to care for the beginner and seasoned plant parents.
Plants, flowers and other foliage symbolize different emotions, ideas and actions as each plant has it's own meaning. By choosing to surround yourself with plants that symbolize things you value, it can help you create a (more) positive environment. 
An airplant (Tillandsia) is a a symbol of freedom and creativity according to Pro Flowers.com. Airplants are easy to care for and an unique option for the beginner and seasoned plant parent. MacArthurs Nurseries is Creatively Rooted's local supplier of Ionantha and Caput Medusa airplants.
Basic Airplant care:
  • Remove wire.
  • Once a week, (in morning) soak airplant for 15-20 minutes in room temperature water. (I usually soak mine in a large bowl)
  • If pale looking, consider a quick dunk or mist to freshen up airplant.
  • Dry completely, upside down (2-4hrs) on a plate, to collect any drips.
  • Double sealed, tarnish free gold or copper copper wire used. 
  • Copper wire is adjustable as plant grows.
  • Trim off any dead tips, as required. 
  • If airplant is showing dried tips, it's really thirsty!