Hello! I'm Kelsie-Ann, biophilic by nature, crunchy "woo" mom, plant lover & rescuer, creative and mental health & wellness advocate. 

A little more about me. I'm a wife and mother of 2 free-range fiercly independent children and fur mama to a rescue pup, who loves to bake and spend time with my family in our yards or out on family adventures. I am blessed to be able to work from my home in beautiful Riverview, Albert County, NB along the Petitcodiac (Chocolate) River.

I come from a family of nurses (I could NEVER be a nurse) but chose to become a teacher instead and received my BEd from Acadia, the same University my grandmother graduated from in 1938. I chose to pursue administrative type roles instead of the traditional teacher path in the school system. 

Throughout my journey, I've been self healing

I'm a creative, who loves gardening, baking running and being an entrepreneur. 

I'm also a woman who had old trauma to heal and am doing so through supplementation, nutrition, exercise, daily mantra morning routine and positive affirmations. Through healing m 

My passion and primary creative outlet is gardening, both outdoor and indoor. I’ve just recently realized how healing my gardens have been on my self healing journey from past trauma and experiences.


 I know that sharing my passion that plants are healing through gardening is my calling to develop and evolve as a healer and founder of Creatively Rooted.