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I'm Kelsie-Ann, a crunchy "woo" mom who is biophilic by nature. I've always considered myself a creative and have been a life long plant lover & rescuer.

I also consider myself a mental health & wellness advocate, sharing my experiences of living with anxiety, depression, C-PTSD and ADHD with two active school aged kids. 

Plants and gardening has been a way to stay active, be purposeful outdoors while my kids play, and practice presence in my daily life. My indoor and outdoor gardens have brought much purpose and joy on grey days, and sunny ones too. 

I've always felt everyone can benefit from plants, but it's all about finding the right plant friend for you.

Each one has it's own personality and requires it's own care just like our human friends. 

I hope to inspire and encourage other plant parents to bring more plants into their spaces. 

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