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Your true soul 's potential is found rooted within you... and your gardens.
Creatively Rooted's Plant Magic
crystal & stone airplant holders and terrariums are handmade with love + positive intentions in Riverview, NB. 
Each one is chosen with care from my local supplier, Mystic Moons Books & Brews. It's then wrapped with gold or copper coloured, copper wire and infused with positive energy and intentions for it's new space & owner.
Each terrarium is customized by you in choice of size, stone & sand from Shaw Brick, and added bits... plus I add complimentary gemstone chips for their added energy properties and lots of positive intentions and affirmations.  
An airplant (Tillandsia) is a a symbol of freedom and creativity according to Pro Airplants are easy to care for and an unique option for the beginner and seasoned plant parent. MacArthurs Nurseries is Creatively Rooted's local supplier of Ionantha and Caput Medusa airplants.
Basic Airplant care:
  • Remove wire (may/may not be used in transport to protect leaves).
  • In morning, soak airplant for 15-20 minutes in room temperature water once a week.
  • Dry completely, upside down.
  • Double sealed, tarnish free wire.
  • More information on Airplant care, crystal and stone properties and the mental health benefits of plants found under Resources.
Contact me about wrapping your personal stone(s), starting at $25 for small stones (includes plant).
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"Imagine your possibilities when you bring

 Plant Magic into your space."

Kelsie-Ann Caissie

Our Garden Magic

Circa 2011
Circa 2011

Our home and front yard Circa 2011

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Circa 2011 Backyard
Circa 2011 Backyard

Our original backyard, circa 2011.

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Circa 2011
Circa 2011

Our home and front yard Circa 2011

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Why Plant Magic?

Plants and Gardening have helped me with

Mental Health Support & Healing 

Our front, backyard and indoor gardens have been therapeutic in my mental health journey.

Plants & gardening  can be used as a mental health tool. More science based research, studies & articles found under Resources.

Nature in Your Home

Bringing good energy & life into our home along with cleaner air, as many plants are purifying!


To myself, to the earth, my family & husband as we create and tend our gardens together and enjoy  spending quality time in them together.

Fulfillment, Purpose & Learning

Caring for plants is very rewarding and has increased my sense of fulfillment & purpose. It has also been a learning tool for my children to experience the stages of a garden from planting to harvest. 

Low Maintenance Company

Plants are always present, hold space, and be-leaf in you!

They are those quiet, comfort, soulful friends you can pick back up with at any time, no judgement, like no time is passed.

Stress Reliever

Being a work from home mom to 2 active kids is hard and exhausting! It has become my happy place.

It's also allowed me to be purposeful with my time spent outside with my children.


Join like minded, plant loving souls in the Creatively Rooted Community. Feel free to post any plant questions, and participate in any of the "for fun"  monthly plant picture challenges!

Beauty & Joy

Indoor & Outdoor gardens brings natural beauty in all the wonderful textures,  greens, variations of leaves and colourful petals. When in the company of plants, you're never alone, as you're supported by their beauty, joy, and presence.


Testimonials & Quotes

"stay strong through your pain

grow flowers from it 

you have helped me 

grow flowers out of mine so 

bloom beautifully 



bloom softly 

however you need 

just bloom” 

— rupi kaur


Your Roots

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Plant Magic